Middle East. Iraq cracks down on online gun sales

BAGHDAD — Iraq is upping its efforts to restrict the public's access to weapons, which will be a daunting task given the prevalence of weapons on the market and their wide exchange on social media.

Interview. Admiral Di Giorgio, former italian navy chief talk about Mare Nostrum in 2013

INTERVIEW.  Passing by Geneva, Switzerland former Admiral Di Giorgio talk about the Mare Nostrum operation in Mediteranean  sea in 2013. (video)

Middle East. Les États-Unis sont repartis en guerre en Irak

RETOUR. Ils y mènent actuellement un conflit de petite envergure pour eux, mais qui soulève de grandes questions pour l'avenir. Il y a cinq ans, le président Obama retirait les dernières troupes américaines postées en Irak. Aujourd'hui, elles y retournent, portées par le ressac de la guerre.

Photography. Behind the scenes of Bagram, an afghan airbase in limbo

THE WAR in Afghanistan has been over for almost a year, but Bagram Airfield—the biggest US military base in the country—remains busy. Within its defensive layers of dreary walls, a  small contingent of troops and contractors still stand watch and conduct operations.


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