Photography. Behind the scenes of Bagram, an afghan airbase in limbo

THE WAR in Afghanistan has been over for almost a year, but Bagram Airfield—the biggest US military base in the country—remains busy. Within its defensive layers of dreary walls, a  small contingent of troops and contractors still stand watch and conduct operations.

Army. 3 maps that show how Russia and NATO might accidentally escalate into war

EXERCICES – The Russian military exercises in March spanned the nation’s vast territory – from the high north, far above the Arctic Circle, all the way to territories near Japan. Massive NATO drills a few months later pulled thousands of troops across Europe. After decades of post-Cold War calm, Europe is again becoming a region of high military drama – and according to some experts, a place with a growing risk of accidental confrontation.

Armes. Le CICR dénonce le fossé entre les paroles et les actes

CREDIBILITE. Des centaines de milliers de civils sont tués, blessés ou déplacés de force dans des conflits attisés par des transferts illégaux d'armes, souligne le CICR.

Armes létales. Peut-on interdire les robots tueurs ?

SANS CHAUFFEUR. Avant même l’appel à l’interdiction des armes létales autonomes lancé cet été, ­ les Nations unies et des ONG avaient déjà tenté de les réglementer. Sans résultat majeur à ce jour.


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