EU. How the European Union was set in motion 65 years ago

A BIG IDEA. To those of us who live here, the European Union is something that we argue about – who’s in, who’s out, who’s in charge – but ultimately, I think, something we take for granted as a way of organising and maximising trade and quality of life in this part of the world.

NewTech. Spies Can Track You Just by Watching Your Phone’s Power Use

TRACKING. Smartphone users might balk at letting a random app like Candy Crush or Shazam track their every move via GPS. But researchers have found that Android phones reveal information about your location to every app on your device through a different, unlikely data leak: the phone’s power consumption.

Infographic: Ultimate limits of nature and humanity

LIMITS. Discover the edges of the possible, from extreme nature to staggering human abilities, in our limit-busting infographic.

Science. Le tour du monde de l'avion solaire Solar Impulse débute dans deux mois

150 MILLIONS SFR.  Le jour du départ approche pour l'avion solaire de Bertrand Piccard: Solar Impulse 2 devrait décoller d'Abou Dhabi entre le 28 février et le 2 mars. Une douzaine d'étapes sont prévues pour ce tour du monde à l'énergie solaire.


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