Advertising. How Facebook Knows When Its Ads Influence Your Offline Purchases

OFFLINE SHOPPING. It has happened to you, and it has probably happened more than once. But you may not have realized why. And you may not have known you were helping to change online advertising and, well, advertising in general.

NewTech. Entrez dans la révolution tactile.

ECRANS. Dynamisez vos présentations, interagissez de manière collaborative sur un mur de plusieurs mètres, partagez vos documents intuitivement, écrivez, dessinez, jouez…

Teen. Now Social media makes young girls hate themselves.


SELF ESTEEM. In case you were starting to feel OK about this newfangled Facebook thing, two recent studies show that the blue-and-white behemoth is ruining young girls’ self-esteem. Do you want to hear about the disordered eating first, or the increase in plastic surgery rates?

Space odyssey. Rosetta's Philae probe land on comet.

TOUCHDOWN. Darmstadt, November 12,  2014. ESA’s Rosetta mission has soft-landed its Philae probe on a comet, the first time in history that such an extraordinary feat has been achieved.

After a tense wait during the seven-hour descent to the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, the signal confirming the successful touchdown arrived on Earth at 16:03 GMT (17:03 CET).


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