New channel. Vision on

ARTVISION. A new television channel shows nothing but works of visual art, from Leonardo to highlights of this year’s Venice Biennale

Movies. FLESH (1968) ; TRASH (1970) ; HEAT (1972)

ANDY. La célèbre trilogie de Morrissey enfin dans les bacs. Où l’on constate qu’avant-garde et moralisme peuvent faire bon ménage.

Nobel. Patti Smith. How does it feel

ITS HARD. I was born in Chicago on December 30, 1946, within the vortex of a huge snowstorm. My father had to help the taxi-driver navigate Lake Shore Drive with the windows wide open, while my mother was in labor. I was a scrawny baby, and my father worked to keep me alive, holding me over a steamy washtub to help me breathe.

Music. Le belge Arno présente "Human Incognito" en concert ! « Je veux vivre dans un monde où Dieu serait amoureux »

MOTHERFUCKER. Avec son nouvel album "Human Incognito" sous le bras, le belge Arno est actuellement sur les routes.


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