NewTech. Google’s new Advanced Technology and Projects group efforts aim to make wearables that are kind of like touch screens.

WEARING. Google is trying its hand at manufacturing high-tech fabrics and wearable electronics that you can actually wear with new Advanced Technology and Projects Group efforts called Project Jacquard and Project Soli.

Economy. Jonathan Eaton on changing global trade to GDP ratios

GRADUATE INSTITUTE. Jonathan Eaton, Professor of Economics at Pennsylvania State University, was a speaker at the recent DEGIT XX conference on Dynamics, Economic Growth and International Trade, organised by the Graduate Institute's Centre for Finance and Development.

Grèce : la fin du rêve européen ?

TRIBUNE Malheureusement pour son peuple, le cas de la Grèce est emblématique des choix politiques faits par les dirigeants européens et les technocrates de Bruxelles.

Greece. Government proposes tax amnesty for funds parked in Switzerland

BILLION. Greece has proposed a tax amnesty in an effort to collect revenue on billions of euros that its citizens are believed to have quietly stashed in Swiss bank accounts.


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