Interview. David Sylvan, project leader and professor in the Graduate Institute’s International Relations/Political Science Department

TRANSFORMATION. In democracies, why are debates among political elites far more consensual on national security issues than on other subjects? What is the significance of the fact that, precisely in democracies, state bureaucracies concerned with security issues have continued to grow in size and in scope?

YouTube Opens Its N.Y. Space to Influential Creators and Their Imaginations. Every inch drives creativity and collaboration

SPACES. Google is probably Silicon Alley's most famous resident. Taking up a good chunk of New York's Chelsea neighborhood, the tech giant's offices are legendarily swank and sleek.

EU. How the European Union was set in motion 65 years ago

A BIG IDEA. To those of us who live here, the European Union is something that we argue about – who’s in, who’s out, who’s in charge – but ultimately, I think, something we take for granted as a way of organising and maximising trade and quality of life in this part of the world.

NewTech. Soap foam constructions that defy architecture

SHAPE. Shih-Yuan Wang and Alex Barchiesi from EPFL's Sinlab create structures that, while controlled by machines, are also subject to external influences. Their research challenges art and science.


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