Hop Suisse: Les priorités de Didier Burkhalter, Président de la Confédération Suisse et Président de l'OSCE pour 2014.

Gouvernance. Genève, le 3 mars 2014. Le Président donnait aujourd'hui au Club de la Presse une conférence sur les objectifs de son mandat de conseiller fédéral des affaires étrangères, de Président de la Confédération  ainsi qu'assurant la Présidence suisse de l'OSCE en 2014.

Geneva Writing Conference. Get ready for the 10th

Conference. Geneva, January 10 2014. Every second winter, up to 200 people meet in Geneva to learn… how to be a poet; at least, how to « write » in English. The 9th is just through: two years left to make the 10th edition.

Turn a camera on Our camera: The second Collide@CERN-Geneva prize is awarded to a film maker

Culture. Geneva, 16 October 2013. CERN and the City and the Canton of Geneva awarded in march 2013 the second Collide@CERN-Geneva prize to the 47 year-old film maker Jan Peters, for his proposal to explore the world of CERN from a highly personal perspective.

World food day - 16 october 2013: Healthy people depend on healthy food systems

UN. Geneva, 16 October 2013. What’s more, different types of malnutrition can coexist within a country, a household or even an individual.

Malnourished women are more likely to give birth to smaller babies, who start life with a higher risk of physical and cognitive impairment. In fact, maternal malnutrition is one of the main ways that poverty is transmitted from generation to generation.


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