Finance. Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius

EVEN AS HIS face towered 10 feet above the crowd at the Bitcoin Investor’s Conference in Las Vegas, Craig Steven Wright was, to most of the audience of crypto and finance geeks, a nobody.

Middle East. Saudi Arabia's mounting security challenges

OIL PRICE. Saudi Arabia faces an increasingly complex web of security challenges at a time when its economy is depressed. With oil prices unlikely to rise in the next couple of years, King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud will have to balance carefully his foreign policy priorities.

Terreur. Qui finance les djihadistes?

MILLIARDSL'Etat islamique affirme être le groupe terroriste le plus riche du monde avec plus de 2 milliards de dollars de fortune. Vente de pétrole, trafic d'antiquités et racket constituent ses principales sources financières.

Greece. Fighting corruption, even when it’s seen as a way of life

MISUSE. The election is over, the promises are history. Now is the time for action against corruption. But what is corruption, and what on earth can be done in a context where it is widespread, even mournfully accepted as a way of life?


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