Human Rights

Boris Blog. That's what make us human?

MINORITIES. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not talk just of free elections… and their precondition, free expression.

Interview. Sahil Shetty Head of Amesty International on human rights.

The questions of  human rights was a unifying element in these matters, VICE News sat down with Sahil Shetty, the Indian born secretary general of Amesty International, one of the world's oldest and best know human rights organizations.

Geneva. The US Faces a Moment of Truth on Torture.

Message. The Obama administration has the opportunity to make its stance on torture clear in the coming weeks. For the first time since the president took office, the White House is sending a delegation to testify before the Committee Against Torture in Geneva in November.

Ukrainian Victim to Address UN Rights Council.

HumiliationGeneva, September 12, 2014. Iryna Dovgan, a Ukrainian woman who recently made international headlines after she was publicly abused by Russian-backed militants in eastern Ukraine, will be coming to Geneva next week to testify before the UN Human Rights Council, on 15 and 16 September 2014.


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