Human Rights

A journey through Human Rights

SUMMIT. Tuesday 24th of February 2015, advocates, journalists, NGO representatives, diplomats, activists, students and the public were gathered for the 7th consecutive year at the 2015 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy - International Center of Conferences /Geneva (CICG).

Geneva rights summit to bestow 2015 Women’s Rights Award on Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad, creator of viral Facebook page

AWARD. GENEVA, February 22 – A global coalition of 20 non-governmental organizations announced today that Iranian freelance journalist Masih Alinejad, creator of a viral Facebook page

Boris Blog. That's what make us human?

MINORITIES. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not talk just of free elections… and their precondition, free expression.

Interview. Sahil Shetty Head of Amesty International on human rights.

The questions of  human rights was a unifying element in these matters, VICE News sat down with Sahil Shetty, the Indian born secretary general of Amesty International, one of the world's oldest and best know human rights organizations.


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