Human Rights

Surveillance. La mort définitive de la vie privée sur Internet

VIE PRIVEE. François Hollande a annoncé l’application de l’état d’urgence aux évolutions technologiques et plusieurs adaptations de la nouvelle loi sur le renseignement. Autant de mesures qui portent un coup fatal aux libertés fondamentales, selon ce journaliste suisse.

Human Rights. Porn-watching Egyptian actress arouses passionate debate

CAIRO . The Egyptian actress Entisar Abdel Baset Ali Mohamad, known simply as “Entisar,” sparked controversy last month when she acknowledged that she watches adult movies and denounced preventing young people from watching them. 

Human Rights Council.Venezuela, Burundi, UAE win UNHRC seats; Pakistan defeated

NEW YORK. Oct. 28, 2015 — Despite widespread criticism of their human rights records in a report presented yesterday at the UN, Venezuela, UAE, Burundi, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan, and Togo easily won election today to 3-year terms on the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council.

UN. Zuckerberg to the UN: The Internet Belongs to Everyone

HOODIE. A reputation is a  hard thing to shake. Like when a UN moderator introduces Mark Zuckerberg by commenting that he is almost unrecognizable without his hoodie. Zuckerberg hasn’t worn a hoodie in nearly three years.

In fact, he was looking remarkably comfortable in his suit at the UN last weekend as he joined a group of speakers from global NGOs.


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