Human Rights

UN. Zuckerberg to the UN: The Internet Belongs to Everyone

HOODIE. A reputation is a  hard thing to shake. Like when a UN moderator introduces Mark Zuckerberg by commenting that he is almost unrecognizable without his hoodie. Zuckerberg hasn’t worn a hoodie in nearly three years.

In fact, he was looking remarkably comfortable in his suit at the UN last weekend as he joined a group of speakers from global NGOs.

UN. Human Rights Council. Sept.14 - Oct.2, 2015

SPEACH. Oral Update by Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at the Human Rights Council 30th Session.

 Mr President, Excellencies,

Whistleblowers. David Miranda explains why we need the 'Snowden Treaty' to protect our privacy

RIGHT TO PRIVACY. Legal experts have drafted a treaty named after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden that would obligate nations to enact laws against mass surveillance and uphold the right to privacy.

Société. Une bataille pour avoir accès aux videos tournées par la police de Los Angeles prend forme

BODYCAM. Avant que cette technologie ne se généralise en Europe les policiers américains -équipés d'une camera personnelle fixée à leur uniforme-  provoque  déjà la polémique quand à la possibilité du public d'avoir  accès à toutes les images tournées pendant leurs missions sur le terrain.


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