Human Rights

Jordan. Syndicate wants detained journalist free

AMMAN. July 10, 2015 --The Jordan Press Association (JPA) on Thursday called for the release of Al Rai journalist Ghazi Mrayat who was detained after violating a gag order preventing media from publishing news on a foiled terror plot.

Human Rights. La Chine réfute le directeur onusien chargé des droits de l'homme à propos de la loi sur la sécurité nationale

BEIJING, 9 juillet (Xinhua)-- La Chine a réfuté jeudi les affirmations d'un responsable onusien des droits de l'homme quant à la loi de

Report. The status of Human Rights in the Arab World. Emperor El-Sisi’s New Clothes

EGYPT CASE. Abdel Fatah Said Husein Jalil El-Sisi could be the main character of the real-life 21st century version of the traditional tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

Human Rights. Blood money marriage makes comeback in Iraq

BAGHDADWomen took to the streets of al-Mutanabbi Street in central Baghdad June 2, holding large banners denouncing fasliya marriage — the Arabic word for marriages arranged as compensation, through which tribal conflicts are resolved — which has surfaced in Iraq anew.


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