Illicit Substances

Illicit substances. Le Brésil est en proie à une sanglante guerre des gangs dans les prisons

RISKY. Derrière les violents massacres qui ont lieu depuis des mois à l’intérieur de plusieurs prisons se cache une bataille pour contrôler le trafic de drogue, notamment en direction de l’Europe. La violence de ce conflit et l’impuissance du gouvernement font craindre que le Brésil ne devienne un narco-État.

What would a recreational marijuana market in California look like?

GROOVY. Cannabis will be taxed more than tobacco, marketed like wine, funded like the riskiest of start-ups and grown under bank-like security.

That’s the emerging vision of what California’s consumer market for marijuana, expected to be worth $6 billion by 2020, is going to look like after voters on Tuesday approved recreational use of cannabis.

Purple drank: What it is?

SPRITE. Purple Drank is an illegal recreational drink popular in the Southern United States rap community, whose main ingredients originally consisted of prescription strength cough syrup, containing codeine and promethazine, and either a carbonated soft drink (generally Sprite) or fruit juice.

EU.The internet and drug markets

REPORT. The last decade has seen the emergence of new internet technologies that have acted as important facilitators of online drug markets.

The internet now hosts a range of virtual market places (both on the surface and deep web) for selling and buying illicit substances, as well as representing a new arena for health and law enforcement interventions.


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