Culture. Yrsa Daley-Ward’s Powerful, Poetic Distillations

BONE. A collection that showed the possibilities of poetry on the internet. Every so often, alarm bells get rung about the possibility that poetry is dead.

Switzerland Second (official)

CLIP. Swiss Response to «The Netherlands welcome Trump in is own words» from the dutch TV-Show «zondag met lubach»

Want to save migrants in the Mediterranean? There’s an app for that

SEA. A smartphone application that allows users to scan the Mediterranean for boats in distress is being tested by a migrant rescue service, which hopes that crowdsourced information will help it save more people.

The I SEA App, available on iTunes, divides a satellite image of the sea route migrants are taking into millions of small plots which are, in turn, assigned to registered users.

Interview. Tristan Harris : « Des millions d’heures sont juste volées à la vie des gens »

INTENTION. Cet ingénieur informatique a quitté Google après avoir été leur « philosophe produit ». Là-bas, il a réfléchi à des téléphones plus éthiques, qui ne nous feraient plus perdre de temps, en vain. Aujourd’hui, il veut déclencher une prise de conscience.


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