Web. Wikipédia compte ses fans et s’interroge sur son modèle.

Web. 11 août 2014. Il règne ces jours-ci une ambiance de start-up dans le centre de spectacles du Barbican, à Londres. La grande réunion annuelle de Wikipédia, surnommée « Wikimania », s'y déroule jusqu'au dimanche 10 août.

NewTech. Finally: Scientists come up with pass codes you can't forget.

NewTech. July 2014. Imagine a whole new type of password -- one that lets you dispense with all those numbers, letters and symbols, but is still impenetrable to attackers.

Internet. The 5 Biggest Cybersecurity Myths, Debunked.

Security. July 6, 2014.  “A domain for the nerds.” That is how the Internet used to be viewed back in the early 1990s, until all the rest of us began to use and depend on it. But this quote is from a White House official earlier this year describing how cybersecurity is too often viewed today. And therein lies the problem, and the needed solution.

Dark Web: A new business model?

Dark side. January 2014. Ross Ulbricht’s last moments as a free man were noisy enough to draw a crowd. Employees at the Glen Park branch of the San Francisco library heard a crashing sound and rushed to the science fiction section, expecting to find a patron had hit the floor.


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