1984. Orwell still alive at present time.

Workshop. December 2013. Published in 1949 George Orwell’s dystopian novel ‘1984’ depicts a world in the aftermath of a global atomic war which has eliminated nations, decimated populations and depleted most of the Earth’s resources, leaving those who have survived to become ‘slaves’ to Big Brother and the Party. The Party justifies their authoritarian rule as in the best interests of the people.

Is "The Library" sustainable ?

Culture. Geneva, 17 December 2013. There is an English language library in Geneva: a spin-off of the „Emmanuel“ church, it was first called „The American library“, but has been renamed „The Library in English“. It is known by the public at large mostly due to its twice-yearly « booksale ». Alas, and as most libraries at the start of this new millenium, it is in jeopardy.


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