Davos: A rough guide to the World Economic Forum

SNOW. It's that time of year when the rich, powerful and downright famous head to a Swiss mountain village to discuss the big issues of the day and attempt to put the world to rights.

Medecine. A Harvard psychologist says people judge you based on 2 criteria when they first meet you

TRUST. People size you up in seconds, but what exactly are they evaluating? Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy has been studying first impressions alongside fellow psychologists Susan Fiske and Peter Glick for more than 15 years, and has discovered patterns in these interactions.

Terrorisme. Et les terroristes s'invitèrent en conférence de rédaction

J'ETAIS CHARLIE. Mediapart publie le récit, minute par minute, de l'attentat perpétré par les frères Kouachi le 7 janvier 2015 et qui a fait onze morts à Charlie Hebdo et une douzième victime, un policier, boulevard Richard-Lenoir. Ce récit est tiré du livre Femmes de djihadistes, de notre collaborateur, Matthieu Suc.

Media. Will Vassilopoulos - Finalist Entry (Rory Peck Award for News)

CAMERA MAN. This award honours the work of freelance cameramen and camerawomen in the coverage of a news event where the focus is on the immediacy of the story. Agency rushes/un-voiced pieces are accepted in this category. (Duration: up to 10 minutes)


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