Middle East

Libye L’ONU met en place une stratégie anti-Daech en Libye

MISSION. Le conseil de sécurité de l’ONU devait adopter, mercredi soir, une nouvelle résolution sur la Libye.

Moyen Orient. «Excédé, Ryad crée l’alliance sunnite de 44 pays»

ARABIE SAOUDITE. L’Arabie saoudite lance une coalition confessionnelle contre le terrorisme, tout en négociant en Suisse le sort du Yémen.

Middle East. ISIS, a history: how the world's worst terror group came to be

TERROR. To understand the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria — why it exists, what it wants, and why it commits terrible violence of which the Paris attacks are only the latest — you need to understand the tangled story of how it came to be.

Analysis: Assad is the Main Beneficiary of War on ISIS

SYRIA. The increased attention ISIS is receiving in the wake of Friday’s deadly terror attacks in Paris is “taking the pressure off the Syrian regime right at the moment when pressure might have been effective,” Josh Rogin wrote Sunday on Bloomberg View.


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