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Human Rights. Porn-watching Egyptian actress arouses passionate debate

CAIRO . The Egyptian actress Entisar Abdel Baset Ali Mohamad, known simply as “Entisar,” sparked controversy last month when she acknowledged that she watches adult movies and denounced preventing young people from watching them. 

Turkey. World media carry news of Turkish election

PRESS NEWS. US, Europe herald return of single-party government to Turkey after Justice and Development (AK) Party win

U.S. and European media outlets described the result of Turkey’s general election as a landslide for the country’s Justice and Development (AK) Party.

The party clinched victory after securing 49 percent of the vote in Sunday’s poll -- a rerun of June’s election that saw no party win a majority.

Middle East. No Perfect Partner: YPG Accused of War Crimes

FORCED TO LEAVE. A report by human rights organisation Amnesty International has accused the US-backed Kurdish force, the YPG (Kurdish for the People’s Protection Units), of carrying out demolitions of homes and forced displacement of inhabitants in Northern Syria that amount to war crimes.

Economy. Tempête de sable sur le royaume wahhabite

MARCHES. La baisse des prix du pétrole a des conséquences plus graves que celles de la crise financière de 2008 et de la crise asiatique de 1998. La tactique saoudienne consistant à inonder le marché de pétrole s’est retournée contre l’Arabie saoudite.

Déjà fragile du fait de recettes ne provenant d’exportations que d’un seul produit (le pétrole), elle chavire pour avoir mené une guerre avec des armes appartenant au passé!


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