Irak-Iran. Dans les montagnes du Kurdistan, la vie quotidienne des passeurs

JERICAN. Ce sont des images rares. Depuis 2009, Aram Karim, photographe originaire du Kurdistan irakien, a suivi des trafiquants qui transitent entre l’Irak, l’Iran, la Turquie et la Syrie.

Greece. Levros island café Hott Spott opens doors for freezing stray dogs every night

LUCKILY. Hott Spott cafe, an animal-friendly establishment, closes its doors to customers at 3 am every night and opens them to homeless dogs until the morning. 

Greece. Press conference with Dr Lefteris Kretsos Secretary General of Media and Communication, Hellenic Republic

REFUGEES. Monday December 7, 2015 Dr. Lefteris Kretsos gave a press conference at Palais des Nations Geneva. This conference was introduced by a press release by Olga Gerovasili -the spokesperson for the Greek goverment- regarding press reports on the refugee crisis.

Greece. Greek Govt Receives Pressure to Tear Down Fence on Border with Turkey

REFUGEES. The Greek government is facing increasing pressure to take down the fence along its land border with Turkey in the Evros region in order to stop refugees from making the deadly journey to Europe via the Aegean Sea.


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