RIP. Harry Dean Stanton, character actor in 'Twin Peaks,' 'Big Love' and 'Cool Hand Luke,' dies at 91

PARIS TEXAS. Harry Dean Stanton, a prolific character actor who brought a soulful, hangdog presence to such varied films as “Alien,” “Paris, Texas,” “Repo Man” and “Pretty in Pink,” becoming a favorite of film fans and directors alike, died on Friday at age 91.

Venice festival. Ex Libris: New York Public Library review – the restless mind of the city

DOCUMENTARY. A treasured US institution opens itself to the painstaking view of fly-on-the-wall master Frederick Wiseman, who finds enlightenment, humour, compassion and soul within its walls.

Locarno 2017. Winter Brothers' ('Vinterbrodre'): Film Review

WINNER. Denmark-based Icelandic writer-director Hlynur Palmason's debut feature won best actor at the long-running Swiss extravaganza.

Movies. la nouvelle bande-annonce du Redoutable, biopic sur Jean-Luc Godard

ANNEES 60. Inspiré du roman Un an après (Gallimard) écrit par Anne Wiazemsky, qui épousa Jean-Luc Godard en 1967, Le Redoutable plonge dans la personnalité du cinéaste de légende avec un certain «brio», à en croire son ex-femme.


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