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NewTech. Google’s new Advanced Technology and Projects group efforts aim to make wearables that are kind of like touch screens.

WEARING. Google is trying its hand at manufacturing high-tech fabrics and wearable electronics that you can actually wear with new Advanced Technology and Projects Group efforts called Project Jacquard and Project Soli.

Media. End of the road for journalists? Tencent's Robot reporter 'Dreamwriter' churns out perfect 1,000-word news story - in 60 seconds

READABLE. Chinese social and gaming giant Tencent published its first business report written by a robot this week, ramping up fears among local journalists that their days may be numbered.

NewTech. Dont blink. The magic happens in (nano) seconds

BE HAPPY. The new ZINK® Printing Technology -- short for Zero Ink® -- represents a true revolution in printing.  ZINK produces photo-quality, full-color output without using ink cartridges, ribbons, or toner. With more than 170 current and pending patents, ZINK Technology combines major advances in chemistry, engineering, physics, image science, and manufacturing.

NewTech. If Our Eyes Could See Wireless Signals, Here's How Our World Might Look

AROUND US. Our lives today depend largely on systems and infrastructure that is invisible—a hidden landscape of webs and waves that come from cell towers, routers, satellites, and more.



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