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Facebook Says It Already Deleted More Than 2 Billion Fake Accounts This Year

MONSIEUR SUCRE. Facebook announced Thursday that the company killed more than 2 billion fake accounts in the first quarter, a huge total even by Facebook’s standards.

The Silicon Valley giant trumpeted the numbers in its Community Standards Enforcement report, which claims the platform is policing itself more proactively. The company also claimed that automated tools are catching more harmful content before users see it.

Culture. Meet The Domino Artist Behind These Amazing Chain Reactions

DOMINO VIDEO 19-year-old Lily Hevesh is obsessed with dominos. She spends hours upon hours building insanely intricate designs and chain reactions before knocking them down. Sound like a strange way to spend your time? Tell that to the nearly 2 million people who've subscribed to her YouTube Channel, where she posts new domino videos every Saturday.

NewTech. Les trois trahisons de WhatsApp

DIVORCE . Jan Koum, le fondateur de la messagerie, quitte Facebook, qui avait racheté l’application en 2014. De profonds désaccords seraient à l’origine de ce départ, les promesses annoncées en 2014 par le réseau social n'ayant pas été tenues.

Social media. How to check if Cambridge Analytica could access your Facebook data

IN 2014, A researcher named Alexander Kogan created a personality quiz that 270,000 Facebook users would go on to install. From those downloads alone, he was able to harvest the personal information of up to 87 million people, according to Facebook's most recent estimate.


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