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Interview. Michel Bauwen: "Quand survient le chaos, il faut déjà avoir les solutions"

PRATIQUE. Pour Michel Bauwens, l’avenir est dans le pair-à-pair, qui permet aux gens de s’organiser en réseau pour créer des communs. Il y voit le germe d’une réforme de l’économie, de la société et même de la spiritualité.

Geneva rights summit to bestow 2015 Women’s Rights Award on Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad, creator of viral Facebook page

AWARD. GENEVA, February 22 – A global coalition of 20 non-governmental organizations announced today that Iranian freelance journalist Masih Alinejad, creator of a viral Facebook page

Advertising. How Facebook Knows When Its Ads Influence Your Offline Purchases

OFFLINE SHOPPING. It has happened to you, and it has probably happened more than once. But you may not have realized why. And you may not have known you were helping to change online advertising and, well, advertising in general.

Teen. Now Social media makes young girls hate themselves.


SELF ESTEEM. In case you were starting to feel OK about this newfangled Facebook thing, two recent studies show that the blue-and-white behemoth is ruining young girls’ self-esteem. Do you want to hear about the disordered eating first, or the increase in plastic surgery rates?


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