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Advertising. How Facebook Knows When Its Ads Influence Your Offline Purchases

OFFLINE SHOPPING. It has happened to you, and it has probably happened more than once. But you may not have realized why. And you may not have known you were helping to change online advertising and, well, advertising in general.

Teen. Now Social media makes young girls hate themselves.


SELF ESTEEM. In case you were starting to feel OK about this newfangled Facebook thing, two recent studies show that the blue-and-white behemoth is ruining young girls’ self-esteem. Do you want to hear about the disordered eating first, or the increase in plastic surgery rates?

Opinion. L’ingérence des États-Unis dans le mouvement "Occupy Central" de Hong Kong.

Conspiration. Les manifestations « Occupy Central » de Hong Kong sont dans la continuité de la déstabilisation de la petite île du sud de la Chine, fameuse pour être un havre financier international pour les intérêts entrepreneuriaux et financiers et avant cela, les ambitions coloniales de l’empire britannique.

China. Hong Kong Protesters Face Tough Choice as China Draws a Hard Line.

Occupy Central. October 2, 2014. The protesters who have engulfed key parts of Hong Kong for days faced a dilemma Thursday in the face of a government strategy to wait them out, as they considered whether to escalate their confrontation with the authorities by storming a government building or to begin searching for an exit strategy.


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