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War. US urged to clarify depleted uranium policy as A-10 gunships deploy to the Middle East.

Weapons. 23 September 2014. The Pentagon has announced plans to send 12 A-10 gunships from the 122nd Fighter Wing to an unspecified location in the Middle East as part of its wider campaign against Islamic State (IS) fighters.

Testimony. Irina Dovgan: "I was tortured by Russian-backed militants,"

GENEVA, September 17, 2014 – Irina Dovgan, a Ukrainian woman who made international headlines after she was publicly abused by Russian-sponsored militants in eastern Ukraine, testified today before the UN Human Rights Council on behalf of UN Watch.

Dovgan's harrowing account of her torture came one week before the council will hear a new report on the violence in eastern Ukraine.

Monde: Il n'y a pas de réponse unique et simple au «fascisme islamique».

Etat Islamique. Août 2014. Il faut s’attendre à continuer à vivre dans un monde sans principe d’organisation, où les ripostes se font au coup par coup, variables selon les pays et les époques avec des alliances contradictoires.

Study. Effects of recurrent violence on post-traumatic stress disorder.

Study. After mass conflicts, countries are at increased risk of recurrent episodes of communal violence and upheavals that adversely affect social, economic, and political development.  However, no studies have assessed the effect of repeated communal violence on mental health of citizens in these settings.


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