Human Rights Watch. Greece: Police Abusing Marginalized People

ATHINA. Police in Athens frequently harass and abuse homeless people, people who use drugs, and sex workers, Human Rights Watch said today. Police stops and arbitrary detention of people who live or spend considerable amounts of time on the streets of downtown Athens interfere with their access to healthcare and support services.

USA. The Mysterious Death of Freddie Gray

SPINAL INJURIES. When the Baltimore man was arrested, he was alive and well. By the time he reached a police station, he couldn't breathe or talk. What happened?

From Greece. Charlie and the abyss

MONOCULTURE. The problem is that we are not all Charlie. The very declaration that we are – our need to identify with the victims of a terrible crime, as if we can protect them by exposing our own breasts to the assassins’ bullets – is based on the understanding that others do not share the same concern.

Ferguson : pourquoi le «grand jury» n'a pas poursuivi le policier ?

DÉCRYPTAGE. La responsabilité du policier dans la mort de Michael Brown n'est pas contestée, mais la thèse de la légitime défense semble l'avoir emporté. Retour sur ce qu'a dit le grand jury et les raisons du tollé déclenché par sa décision.


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