Ferguson. Decision on race in America is in.

WORRYING. It turned out we didn’t need to know what the verdict was in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri, to confront some ugly facts and emotions.

Geneva. The US Faces a Moment of Truth on Torture.

Message. The Obama administration has the opportunity to make its stance on torture clear in the coming weeks. For the first time since the president took office, the White House is sending a delegation to testify before the Committee Against Torture in Geneva in November.

Long story. Cocaine Cowgirl by Jennie Erin Smith. Part 2/12.

The life and violent times of Griselda Blanco, Pablo Escobar's feared rival and the most notorious, murderous queen-pin of the Colombian drug wars.

Middle East. The environmental consequences of targeting Syria’s oil refineries.

CrudeSeptember 29, 2014. On the 25th September, the US-led coalition conducting airstrikes in Syria began targeting oil refineries under the control of militants from Islamic State (IS).


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