Terrorisme. Et les terroristes s'invitèrent en conférence de rédaction

J'ETAIS CHARLIE. Mediapart publie le récit, minute par minute, de l'attentat perpétré par les frères Kouachi le 7 janvier 2015 et qui a fait onze morts à Charlie Hebdo et une douzième victime, un policier, boulevard Richard-Lenoir. Ce récit est tiré du livre Femmes de djihadistes, de notre collaborateur, Matthieu Suc.

Literature. Two Years, Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights. Salman Rushdie

THE WAR OF THE WORDS. Passengers on a train sweeping through the Belgian countryside overpower a man who emerges from the toilets carrying an automatic weapon and bent on destruction; quick thinking and courageous action avert carnage, disaster. But one summer evening, in a church in South Carolina, disaster is not averted: nine men and women die when a young man, also carrying an automatic weapon, opens fire.

Middle East. What airport attack means for Turkey's Syria policy

BLAST. Turkey has been the target of Islamic State (IS) bombing attacks seven times since the general election a year ago. 

Wars. Evidence mounts that u.s. airstrike on ISIS in Libya killed Serbian diplomats

DESPITE PENTAGON EVASIONS, evidence is mounting that a U.S.


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