Wars / Armed Conflicts

War. A journalist went to document the war in Syria, was captured twice – and lived

EXCLUSIVE. Lindsey Snell’s trip amid the Aleppo airstrikes started like all her others, but she soon found herself escaping the Nusra Front only to be caught again at the Turkish border. She recounts her tortuous journey to get back home.

UN. Election of the IOM Director General – A wind of change in migration policy?

SECRET BALLOT With the election on 29 June 2018 of Portugal’s Antonio Vitorino as new Director General of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the traditional lead of the organisation by the Unites States (US) will come to an end.

Photography. Famed photojournalist David Douglas Duncan dies at 102

SWEAT. To photograph the U.S. assault on Okinawa, a World War II battle so fierce it was remembered as a “typhoon of steel,” David Douglas Duncan lay suspended under the wing of a P-38 fighter plane.

En Irak, des familles soupçonnées d’avoir des liens avec Daech victimes d’exactions dans les camps

PRESSIONS. Amnesty International publie un rapport qui révèle que des femmes et des enfant ont été soumis à des châtiments collectifs en raison de leurs liens, même distants, avec des hommes liés à Daech ou fuyant des bastions du groupe terroriste.


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